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Hachi a dogs tale (2009)

Hachi a dogs tale

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This is a delightful movie about the loyalty of a dog to his owner. It is based on a true story about a Akita puppy who becomes a loyal companion. The Akita Inu breed is originally from Japan, and in the credits we find out that the original True story is Japanese based. So apart from Hollywood needing to westernize this story, I found it a delightful tale. Made my eyes leak, whilst I was traveling home on the Train, very embarrassing.

I found this movie on a list of 25 best movies on Samira’s notebook.

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Miracles from Heaven (2016)

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This is another Faith Based movie, and it features a Near Death Experience.

A young girl who has a very painful incurable disease, has an accident and falls down inside a hollow tree. It takes many hours to rescue her, during which time she has her NDE, in which she is told she will be cured. when she is rescued she is taken to the local hospital, and it is found she has hardly a scratch on her, and over the next few days her parents realise she is no longer suffering from her condition, and when they check with the specialist he stats she is no longer showing any signs of the disease.

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Forbidden Planet (1956)

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When I watched this movie recently, I realised I had watched it as a child, as I remembered all the characters hiding in the house behind the steel shutters as the monster bashed it’s way in, but I guess I did not get the deeper message of the movie. I love Sci-Fi and enjoyed watching this movie as the rescuers struggle with a monster slowly realising where the monster comes from “a monster from the ID”. Another great movie from Stephen Simon’s recommend list.

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Powder (1995)

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His Mum was struck by lighting whilst he was in the womb, and he becomes an albino (totally white). He was brought up by his grand parents when they die he is left alone. It turns out he is a genius and can practice telepathy. He has a profound message for the local in his town, will they be open to receive it. (Will people who watch this movie receive the profound message?) Another great movie from Stephen Simon’s recommend list.

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