Hereafter (2010)


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This is a great introduction to NDEs, and Mediums and a great story as well.

George (Matt Damon ) Was very sick as a child, and based on his description in the movie had a Near Death Experience (NDE) which resulted in him becoming a Medium, who no longer wants to use his gift (curse).

A French journalist Marie (Cécile de France ) is caught in a tsunami and drowns, has a NDE and is resuscitated. Upon returning to France and trying to continue in normal life she struggles to understand what she experienced.

A London schoolboy, Marcus, loses his twin brother and is on a search to communicate with his brother.

The movie documents these 3 characters experiences struggling with their knowledge of the afterlife and bringing them together to understand the truth about the hereafter.


The Shack (2017)

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The Shack is a absolutely wonderful movie. A father who loses a daughter, and is losing hope is invited back to the Shack where his daughter was abducted and held. On the way to the Shack he has a near miss with a Truck at an intersection. It is mid winter when he leave town to head for the Shack. When he arrives he meets someone who invites him to another part of the forest to a different house but as he get close to the house he finds that he has walked into Summer.


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