The Shack (2017)

The Shack on amazon

The Shack is a absolutely wonderful movie. A father who loses a daughter, and is losing hope is invited back to the Shack where his daughter was abducted and held. On the way to the Shack he has a near miss with a Truck at an intersection. It is mid winter when he leave town to head for the Shack. When he arrives he meets someone who invites him to another part of the forest to a different house but as he get close to the house he finds that he has walked into Summer.


Spoiler alert if you click the Read More button, and read beyond here.

It turns out that the someone who he meets is the Son of God and he is introduced to God and other spiritual beings. He spends the weekend at the house working through his own grief and his anger at God. After The week-end on the way home he is involved in a Accident, and when he awakes in the Hospital, he is told he has been there for the whole weekend. So his weekend was a Near Death Experience. (Though the movie dosen’t name it as such).

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